An Overview of Meerut District

is an ancient town , but little literature about it is available  . Any information mythical, factual, or in the form of hand down stories even specifically related to your ancestors are welcome.

Gandhi Bagh (Company Garden)

 This is Gandhi Bagh , but it is still called Company Garden locally. The grand cricket field shown below is not now visible to people who pass through Meerut on their way to Dehradun, Mussoorie. Prison height walls were put up by the current Defence Estate officer last year.
An ideal place to break the journey to Mussoorie, and stretch your legs. Unfortunately there is no place for refreshments or snacks within.


Old Graveyard

Some old graves in the cemetery behind St. John's Church . These monumental ones are pre 1857.  That is when the army belonged to the East India Company.

Old Market

Built in 1902 as a market. Probably never housed anything more than a bakery, which is still there.


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