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An Introduction:
Newcon Systems was established, in April 1999, with a view to provide computing facilities to the budding computer professionals. In just a year's time, Newcon Systems has grown into a large organization
 with its wings spread into various fields.

The Beginning...
In the first Phase Newcon Systems focused on providing the User Club facilities to computer users of the city .The user was given full freedom to work on the computer depending on his membership .Besides On-Line assistance, Faculty was also made available in case a user encountered problems while working. Real life projects were arranged locally and given to students to help them develop into real software professionals. Real life problems and interactions with clients and their existing manual systems were studied & improved upon before finally going in for computerization
The copyright of the software thus were fully owned by the developer (s) and not by Newcon Systems.

Operating locally, soon it was felt that even the quality of computer education was not up to global standards.
Newcon Systems therefore ventured into field of computer education in alliance with
CMC Limited, New Delhi
( A Govt. of
India Enterprise,  website: ).This not only facilitated the student to acquire a Govt. certificate , but also helped him/her to develop into a complete computer software professional .         

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