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Welcome to Karunesh Jewellers, the latest showroom in the town in the heart of your city.

Presenting you the latest in the Gold, Diamond, Kundan, Pearls, Antique jewellery, Hyderabadi sets in Ruby, Blue Sapphire and all other stones. Jewellery.

We invite you to have a look at glance at our showroom at Sadar Bazar


  The beauty of design created by the human mind. And the glitz of precious jewellery made more invaluable by the intensive sourcing of the precious stone. With the wide infrastructure for the production of the best styles of Indian jewellery. Karunesh Jewellers is equipped to create to your requirements, customized or bulk, in the best possible fashion. 

To  highlight its extensive range of Diamond and Kundan jewellery Karunesh present some of their finest art pieces. 
    Pain stakingly caressed into shape and buffed by finest of hands to an intricate fantasy.
With a glance towards 21st century our wide selection of Sets, Rings, Earrings, Bangles - 


  All stands to express our vast creativity.

 Mr. Devender Bharedwaj
 M/S Karunesh Jewellers
 Sadar Chowk Bazar
 Meerut Cantt
 Ph: 91-121-665762 (Showroom)
        91-121-664182 (Resi)
 Mobile: 0- 98370 21962
Web Site Address: www.meerutdistrict.com/karuneshjewellers