An independent, structurally sound and beautifully designed Commercial complex at prime location in Meerut is available on lease for MNCs, Banks, Nursing homes, Educational institutes or any other such businesses.
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The Commercial Complex in question is at present successfully being run as a Banquet Hall named CHANDRAKANTA BANQUET. The particulars of above are as follows:

Location: C-60/5 Jagrati Vihar, Garh Road, Meerut.
At Garh Road approximately mid way from Tejgarhi to Medical college. Situated in a commercial block

Main features:
1) Built up on a corner commercial plot of area of 5000sqft (62ft front x 82ft side) with three side roads.
2) All three sides i.e. front, side and rear looks of the building are excellent and exemplary of architectural design as depicted in the attached photographs also. A giant canopy on top, beautifully designed windows and section window give building a grand look.
3) All floors have separate grand entrances at front and also connected with decorative stairs at each rear corner. Ground floor has two entrances at rear side also.
4) The structure of the building and foundation have been designed on the basis of basement plus three floors construction. Structural and architectural designing has been done by a team of reputed and competent structure designer and architects. Presently three floors plan is sanctioned by UP Avas Vikas and one floor further can be made sanctioned if it is required in the future any time.
5) The total structure is on strong piller and beams. So space management can be tailored as per the requirement using brick or modular partitions.
6) The building consists of a semi basement hall of size more than 4000sqft (70ft x 60ft). This hall is being used as main Sitting Hall in the banquet at present.
7) The bottom floor and walls of semi basement Hall are made of strong RCC material reinforced by steel with the application of suitable water proofing treatment. It is free of any sort of leakage or seepage of water. Basement hall is also provided with a drain pit and water pumping out arrangement to facilitate cleaning and washing.
8) At ground floor there are two multi purpose rooms situated in the front and there is big hall of approx 3600sqft (60ft x 60ft) which is presently being used as Dinning Hall. There is a cut out in the center of ground floor of @ 400sq ft that combines both Dinning and Sitting Halls and gives them a giant appearance.
9) At first floor, there are two rooms identical to the ones on the ground floor and a Huge Hall of 3600sq ft area can be made even on a short notice. As plan is already sanctioned, pillars are ready and structural drawings are prepared.
10) There is @3000sq m PARKING AREA provided by the UP AVAS VIKAS PARISHAD in the center of the commercial block that is surrounded by these commercial plots.
11) Basement Hall is also provided with a fire fighting fixed water sprinkler system.

Owner of the Complex:
Sanjay Kumar Jain
L-579, Shastri Nagar, Meerut, U.P. 250005
Ph: 9837493516 / 0121-2764038
E-mail: skjain579@rediffmail.co

Web: www.meerutdistrict.com/chandrakanta