Abu Plaza is a three storyed Modern market situated in the heart of the ABULANE, the posh & most popular shopping centre of  MEERUT. ABUPLAZA is located in about 4000 sqmt. of land to accomodate about 100 Shops in
the centrally Air Conditioned first floor market and 50 showrooms on the Ground floor in the shape of plaza with a suitable open parking in the middle.

The Charisma and charm of ABUPLAZA  is evident from the popularity  it has gained amongst leading Jewellers, Electronics & Garments Retailers, who have purchased showrooms at ABUPLAZA. The market has particularly caught the fancy of Jewellers of MEERUT. It is noteworthy in the context that MEERUT is Asia's second largest bullion market.
ABUPALAZA is a complete market within itself and has added a new dimensions to the existing popularity of the posh AbuLane market.  The existing posh markets of MEERUT have now become outdated as they do not confirm to modern trends and amenities.

   Some of the common characteristics of these market are:

  1. Congestion & Lacking of PARKING SPACE.

  2. Traffic hazards due to through traffic.

  3. Ribbon type development along the roadside restricted ground  floors.

  4. Lack of Planning, Amenities such as Toilets, Drinking Water, Architectural & Centralized Control Systems.


For the last many decades no posh market had come into the city, which is one of the most important towns of Western U.P. and the National Capital Region, having a population of over 10 lacs, as also as sizeable and Important Cantonment. The trend has now changed and the skyline of MEERUT is now changing with Ganga Plaza and Metro Plaza which were conceived, planned and constructed keeping in view the needs of the changing times to cater to the 21st Century Marketing requirements of the people of MEERUT and adjoining areas, by a group of experienced, qualified and reputed professionals having to their credit a number of Commercial and Residential Buildings and colonies in MEERUT and DEHRADUN.

The response and experience of Ganga Plaza and Metro Plaza led their builders to conceive and plan the most strategically locate of them all.